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Permamuted for the following posts: Previously in this thread, others had teased about my "hiding a bone" comment, and this was my reply, made, after the thread was abandoned. Just an attempt at a little humor themed against the backdrop of Little Red Riding Hood/Big Bad Wolf. Oh yeah, it's real clear to see who was in violation. Note, this thread was days before Etsy began using the External Link Notice...that pop up box that tells you you're leaving the site. God forbid anyone speak out about Etsy's Golden Egg from Late May-June 2011

But wait! Here are some of my recent contributions:

Regret I wasted the time. 


  1. How does one know if they're muted or not? Because I think I am. LOL No one calls me an asshole anymore when I talk stupid on the forums..

  2. Your muted when you can't even post in the forums. First for a week. Then forever. Soon after that usually comes the boot. Your shops simply vanish. And then you can't even shop etsy if you wanted to.

    Such a fabulous business.

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