Permamuted and Banned from Etsy

This is the thread for which they gave me a week's muting.  But within moments of coming off that mute, they muted me again, and then moment after that they closed my account and banned me.  While they claim it is due to repeatedly posting a link to my AF studio in my Etsy shop, it occurred when they finally paid me the credit I had.  I think they were pissed I sent them a Paypal bill, and they said since I said I said I didn't want to sell anymore they would just close my account for me.

Week's Muting for http://www.etsy.com/teams/7714/ideas/discuss/6792760/page/1/?post_id=59645308 because "The Ideas Forum is for ideas, opinions, and constructive feature discussions. You're thread would have been better posted to a Team."


So then I am unmuted the morning of March 21.  I sent yet ANOTHER email asking for my credit.  Amazing the horror stories I have heard about people's accounts getting closed over being late on paying their bill, yet it takes them weeks to respond to giving me back my credit.  I ended up sending a Paypal invoice that morning, and then BAM, suddenly I am muted, and then quickly after that, I am gone from E....
Sent Paypal invoice and then muted and gone...  This was within hours of coming off the first mute.  
But it did not end there.  It took until the 28th to get my financial records from Etsy.  I had to threaten legal action and contacting the IRS before they would 'reactivate' my account so I could quickly get all my financial data.  The juvenile way they respond to people is just astounding.  Yes, maybe as a customer I was juvenile at times, but as the business owner, Etsy should be more mature and classy and professional.  

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